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Akasha Visions

Tarot Reading - Video Recording

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My Intention is to provide my clients with greater insight into the complexities of their life, but more than that I am gifted with the ability to understand, penetrate, and transform virtually any situation into the rocket fuel that my clients can use to blast forward into the direction of their dreams

It is my life goal to help guide your fall back into alignment with the goals and ideals you have for yourself- to cheer you on while you navigate the path of life you choose, to lift you up to be the fearless warrior and creator of the life of your dreams!

✨You will receive a very direct and honest intuitive tarot reading.

✨ Readings will be received within 72hrs of placing order. This is in order for videos to export and upload.

✨My readings are blatantly honest and I will not hold back the truth from you!

✨Please be at least 17 years old and up, preferably 18 years old!

📌 Please provide your name and birthdate

Beautiful examples of what questions can be themed around are: general life path, goals, love, money, or *insert your own wonderful question or situation here*.

Expect to receive your tarot reading via a private you tube link that will arrive into your email inbox.

*Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for any actions taken from your reading*

Customer Reviews

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Top tier

Not only your always accurate, every session with akasha has been positive not matter the message spirit wants you to deliver. Her talent is amazing and she’s very detailed. Your empathic skills creates the perfect environment for you to convey a message and provide the right answers. Thank you for always being a honest vessel !


She hit me with some hard facts and i loved it!! The tough talk i needed. Spot on with everything. If you’re thinking about booking a reading with her just do it. I swear you won’t be disappointed.