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Akasha Visions

SAME DAY - VIDEO Tarot Reading | 1+ Questions

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What to expect:

These are pre recorded videos (not live) where I will film myself giving your reading. I will use a combination of Tarot cards and my psychic abilities to answer any questions you may have. I always start with only my intuition and deliver the message. Towards the end of the reading I use the tarot cards to validate and/or expand on what I have picked up on throughout the reading. Each question will be at least about 5 minutes or so depending on the nature of the question and how much shows up during the reading.

If you’d like one of the questions to just be general, then please let me know in the personalization notes :)

PLEASE, keep in mind that it is extremely hard to predict your future as we are all blessed with free will, and I do believe that actions can change the course of ones future or someone else’s future. I will try to tap in to a prediction on your future based on your current energy, but please keep in mind that these can not possibly be 100% accurate. I also try to be as authentic as I possible can, and not all messages are not what you would like to hear. If this happens, please take the answers with a grain of salt and still always follow your own intuition!

*** NOTE *** There are certain questions I simply do not feel comfortable answering. Some of those questions would be around health as I am not a health professional. I would also prefer not to answer any financial related questions to lottery winnings, and nor do I connect with our loved ones who have passed away. This has happened, but it is not an ability I feel confident enough in to give any guidance on that. If you do submit a question that I do not feel comfortable answering, then I will certainly let you know and send a refund if you don’t have any replacement questions.

Delivery Method:

You will receive your reading in email with a link to the video through Google Drive. 


Monday - Friday: I work sporadically throughout the day. I don’t have set hours anymore as my energy gets low after a couple of hours and I have to take breaks throughout the day to be able to channel accurately. So, if it’s past 5 PM and you still haven’t gotten your reading, I am probably still working on it! I will always let you know if there is for some reason a delay in delivery. Which thankfully doesn’t happen too often! Only whenever I get an overwhelming amount of orders ☺️

All orders will be delivered on the NEXT business day. So if you order at any time Friday-Sunday, then you will have your reading by end of day Monday. If you order on a Tuesday, you will have it on Wednesday.

I do have SAME DAY option as well for an extra fee and here are the rules:
* Must be ordered Tuesday - Friday. I do NOT do same day delivery on Mondays (and I don't work on the weekends).
* Must be ordered before 3PM EST. So if you place your order anytime between right after midnight through 3 PM EST, Tuesday - Friday then I will prioritize your reading and deliver same day.

If you have placed same day order outside of the time frame, then your order will just be prioritized and worked first in line with other "Same Day" orders, the next business day. No refund for Same Day option if this has not been read and understood before hand.

I look forward to reading for you my lovelies!! 🥰☀️💃🏼

What I need from you:

✯ Your name and date of birth
✯ Name and date of birth on any person you have a question about.
✯ Your questions
✯ A photo of you and any person in question would help me connect with the energies, but is not necessary. 

If you don’t send me questions I will message you and ask for the questions, and if I don’t receive a reply I will give you a general reading.



By law I must state that this reading is for entertainment purposes only.


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