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Akasha Visions

Live Zoom Reading

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Readings ONLY :

After booking your appointment time FOR YOUR DIVINATION READING, please send up to 3 questions you want covered within your reading. These are the questions I will divine on prior to the reading.

How it works:
After purchase, you will receive a link within 1 business day to schedule our 30 minute session together, which will be held live via Zoom. Once you schedule, you will automatically receive a link to our session in your email.

These readings will be recorded ONLY for you to be able to look back at the video for future reference. 

What I do not read for:
Some questions violate professional tarot ethics, and I can not read for them. If you have a question that you feel may fall into one of these categories but aren't sure, please reach out to me and I'll see if we can shift your question back into ethical alignment. I cannot read for the following:
-Medical advice (examples: "What's wrong with my heart?" "Should I have surgery?" "Am I pregnant?")
-Financial advice. *NOTE* the financial issues indicated here are DIFFERENT than a career or overall reading, which CAN be read for. (Example of what cannot be read for: "Which stock should I invest in?")
-Legal issues (example: "Will I win my court case?" "Who stole from me?")
-Readings dealing with the lives of others (example: "How does John feel about Sally?")

If you have any other questions, please reach out! I'll be happy to answer them! First time tarot clients welcome!

***For legal reasons, readings are provided for entertainment purposes only.***


Unless the appointment is canceled due to an emergency on either my end or yours.
you can reschedule your time, but there are NO REFUNDS. Thank You

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