The Akashic Tarot School

Beginner to Advanced Levels of Study and Mentorship within an Exclusive Sacred Tarot Comunity.


The Akashic Tarot School is a sacred and private community to learn the art and magick of tarot deeply and intensively.

Each enrolled student will receive access to attend virtual classes/videos as well as the space to meet, gather, and make friends with other fellow students and tarot enthusiasts!


-Tuition: Basic enrollment is a flat $195. Price includes all prerecorded course videos and replays of live chat sessions, access to your sessions private circle. It is an additional $25 monthly fee to gain access to watch and actively participate in the private live chat conversations circles every Tuesday at 7pm EST.

Semester Dates: Semester dates are open for those to join. Live chat sessions with Akasha are during Tarot Talk lives every Tuesday from 7 pm- 8:00pm EST. 

Chat Access: Exclusive access to live chat sessions along with the group and with Akasha is available to students enrolled students in the ATS. Please take advantage of this! The more you engage the more you will learn and everyone benefits when you ask your questions! Students will be able to rewatch the live sessions on Wednesday after the videos have been uploaded.

Materials Needed: A notebook/tarot journal exclusively created for the Akashic Tarot School (make sure to download) with writing utensil, laptop or computer with internet access, a working email. Tarot cards are not required but are absolutely recommended. The Rider Waite tarot deck will be used to teach and will help students learn along.


Classes will be held online to allow all students to have access to courses no matter how busy or crazy their schedules are. This is perfect for International students, those in different time zones, or people with complex or changing schedules.

Students enrolled will have access to exclusive live chat replays. Oftentimes questions asked by students will receive filmed responses or will be held in the next live chat session shared with the Akashic Circle group so all can benefit from information being shared!

All courses will be filmed in advance and will remain for you to revisit, rewatch and ask questions.

Akashic Tarot School space is LIMITED.

Once class space is filled enrollment will close and future students will need to wait until next semester to reserve their spot.


✓ Accept Teachable Enrollment Email and Create Password

✓ Look Over the Curriculum and Become Acclimated with the website

✓ Download and Read Welcome Letter

✓ Join the Private Akashic Tarot School Facebook Page

✓ Download The Akashic Tarot Journal

Official Date of Our First 7pm EST Tuesday Live Chat and the release of Unit 1 will be announced this Friday July 8, 2022.

Our first class will be getting to know each other, ice breakers, journaling session, and an knowledge test so I can get a feel of where you all are.