Akasha Visions was created so that other people can find their way and feel comfortable staying in a space that is authentic and walk down their own path without looking to others for support. Akasha Visions is information being shared so that way you can find your way. No matter the path of spirituality, relationship, sexuality, foods it doesn’t matter.


All of it is important and insignificant at the same time.

It means nothing and it means everything.


There is not one thing that defines all of you, being a vegan, witch, teacher, mother, or a lawyer. Not one of these things define who you are. You are a multitude of interests, personalities, things that you love, things that you hate and that makes you unique. You have gifts you have a purpose. With that there are no mistakes made for anyone here on earth.

 Your Perfectly Imperfect. 

Your Akashic Visionary

-Charmae Wainwright